Writings on Melatonin

     In this blog, I chat about the neurologic, melatonin.  .  Melatonin is a hormone and it is synthesized by the pineal gland in the brain. Consuming melatonin often results in getting more sleep. This may be useful for consciously going to sleep early, going to sleep at a certain time, or for work. There are obvious instances when taking melatonin can be helpful. Consider melatonin if: the darkness of the night (a stimulator of sleep) is not working, if something in the sleep pathway is inefficient in the individual, or if melatonin levels are low in the individual. Getting enough sleep is very important because it affects one’s subsequent day. So, if sleep is an issue remember melatonin.  

     Plus, there are additional things melatonin may be able to do. Since melatonin is parasympathetic in action, melatonin may help gut function, by stimulating digestion while a person rests. Also, since sleep-decrease is correlated to the elderly, studies suggest that taking melatonin might have anti-aging properties, because the person is able to get more sleep. Lastly, other articles support that the chemical-pathway of melatonin is tied to the immune and endocrine system, and that melatonin can improve these systems by regulating them and being active. I hope this helped!

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