Some notes on Garlic and Parsley.

      This is a two-part blog, titled “Garlic and Parsley”,  . These two ingredients come together in this particular supplement.

       Garlic is a plant and which makes a chemical called allicin. Allicin helps fighting cancer cells that are related to: breast, digestive tract, skin & prostate. One reason for garlic’s antitumor properties, is because allicin is a sulfur component, which stimulates the immune system to make white blood cells.  Other features of garlic is that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, garlic may help the cardiovascular system, target bacteria, and might be able to lower cholesterol.

     The other ingredient in this supplement is Parsley. Parsley too is a plant. Its leaves and stalks are used in the supplement. Parsley is a convenient source of the unique-vitamins:  K, C, and A. Vitamin K is good for heart and bone health. Parsley can be effective at improving immunity, helping a person get sleep (if taken at night), and addressing bad breath. Parsley also provides folate and iron. These, help red blood cells function properly.

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