In this next blog, I talk about Selenium.  .  You may not know that Selenium is a mineral from the soil. Further, the human diet requires some selenium. If you have determined you are not getting enough selenium, taking some may be right for you.

     Selenium is needed  for the body to make selenoproteins, a family of proteins that have selenium as an amino acid (selenomethionine). Selenoproteins have many roles, including: the development of the embryo and the production of sperm. So, one way this supplement can be useful for both men and women is to improve fertility. Selenium may give men an ability to produce more quantities sperm, and possibly make sperm which are more likely to impregnate one’s partner. For women, selenium may provide the right amount of amino acids which are correlated to make a strengthened embryo. This is in contrast to: lower amounts of selenium which are found in women who have issues getting pregnant or have miscarriages.  

      Selenium also works in thyroid-hormone metabolism. Thus, selenium could be useful for supporting the thyroid make hormones if one’s thyroid is not producing enough hormones on its own.  Plus, selenium-containing proteins help muscle formation and repair. Therefore, this supplement can be useful when an individual works out. Last, Selenium may help the immune system to fight infections, due to its antioxidant properties. Happy surfing!

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