Perks of MSM

        In this blog, I review a somewhat unknown but important product: MSM.  . MSM is an odorless compound. MSM is a dietary source of sulfur, for the methionine amino-acid. This is important because when calcium phosphate builds-up around bones and joints, MSM can help break up these calcium deposits. MSM  can decrease pain of muscles and stomach. And it can reduce inflammation.

       One of the sought-after effects of MSM is that it offers a speedy recovery after exercise by reducing muscle damage and stress. Anyone who works-out to get in-shape or build muscle, can appreciate the importance of the restoration phase after a workout. MSM allows a person to be able to stay in their rhythm and be productive,  without being distracted by the physical sensation after a workout.  MSM can also increase the permeability of human cells. Thus, cells are more capable of flushing out excess fluid and toxins.

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